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Roganti's Robotics Zone
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                I started in Robotics as a hobby when I went to High School (1976) while I read one of the popular robotics book (probably the only one then) by Tod Luffburrow. I think this book is still available today. I can't remember the title of the book, I would have to look it up again. I consider this really the beginning for me , as I always tinkered with Erectors sets, and other mechanical gadgets when I was younger but this was when I combined my electronics & computer hobby with my new hobby ,robotics, and started making some cool stuff.
                Most of my projects faded away since then, as I always scavenged the last robot for parts to go into the new project, but now I make an effort to retain the past robots. Now since the Internet has grown (man, I'm tired of using Gopher) I've been watching everybody use it for their robotics hobby and I didn't get around to it until this past year(1996). I moved since then, and again, and again, so now I want to share my work because this is what makes this hobby progress.

                          1. Homebuilt Inclinometer
                          2. Robot Turtle -,fast moving, light seeking, independent turret , mobile base
                          3. Robot Walker - Hexaped - paper tubes make great legs!!
                          4. Robot Walker - Quadraped - paper tube power
                          5. Robot Walker - Biped - a legged walker using static equilibrium to emulate bipedal locomotion
                          6. Schematic for 8 port serial servo controller for your microcontroller using one output port 
                          7. Schematic for 68HC11, 64KB , RS232 Port microcontroller board
                          8. Schematic for 16 Port Serial Servo Controller

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                                Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)
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13  December 1997