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Roganti's Robotics Zone

Bipedal Robot

PROJECT : Pinocchio( first bipdel robot)
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PROJECT : Gigantor ( in honor of a popular Japanese robot cartoon)
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STATUS: currently in progress

Brief Description

Roganti Walking Mechanism

he Bipedal robots are using a different walking mechanism I designed, call it the Roganti Walking Mechanism. The Bipedal locomotion is achieved using a combination of static and dynamic equilibrium to emulate the human walking gait. This results in less processor overhead required to accomplish the bipedal locomotion. Currently there are two versions in prototype . Hopefully , I can refine one of them to make them more attractive to those want to try this.

The construction for the Biped robots are based mostly on materials supplied by PLASTRUCT. Although some parts, such as the Torso and feet came elsewhere. The Torso is from a plastic toy pail I found in Toys R Us . The feet are acrylic soup bowls I found in the grocery store, they're made by Arrow Plastic in Illinois. The plastic materials allow me to customize my own design, with structural integrity , and while keeping the weight reduced.

There are currently 2 prototypes which demonstrate bipedal locomotion using the human gait.
Later, I'll put some more documentation/diagrams here about the design.
I'm using the 68HC11A1 embedded controller with 64KB SRam on these at the moment.

As all things go, if my budget can withstand it, I wish to pursue a full version bipedal using dynamic stability using my Inclinometer. This has already demonstrated to be responsive for balancing in a bipedal robot. You can look at that info on the other webpage in the Robotics main menu. And of course upgrade to another controller, like to 68332.

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