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Below , you can find the relevant technical data for the Micro-52 Workshop.
This website is still under construction:

ATMEL Microcontrollers
Product Overview
Hot Topics
Data Sheets
Application Notes
Support Tools
Product Selector
MCS Electronics Homepage 
BasCom Mailing List Page
Phyton, Inc.
Evaluation board
Flash programmer
Controlling the X9CMME EEPOT
BASCOM LT hardware simulation
Using an I2C clock device with the PCF8583
Using the TIMER interrupt to make a clock with LED-display
SPI Flashprogrammer for the AT89S8252
Keboard decoder by Mike Gill
Pagescanner by Mike Gill
Telephone Card reader by Erich Linsmeier
How to implement a flow meter using the 80552 by Mike Crean
LCD VU-meter by Ger Langezaal 
Using the Sharp GP2D02 distance sensor by Lex Bolkesteijn
BASCOM Sample Files [5 february 1999]
 Holger Fritz
  Grifo F2 kit and TIO-16
 NCS Neff Computer Systeme
 Grifo M-series
 Unity Online Atmel Flash programmer